Project activities

Main project activities:

  • Creation of the regional stakeholders group, which they´ll share the good practices and analyse their transferability to the region
  • Good practices exchange
  • 3 interregional seminars on topic:
    • Good Practices on Public Private Cooperation on Entrepreneurial Education
    • Working Methodologies for Entrepreneurial Education
    • Inclusive Actions for Entrepreneurial Education addressed to disfavored groups
  • 3 interregional workshops
  • Study/technical visits with the good practices examples
  • The action plan preparation with respect to the opportunity to transfer the good practices examples to the region

The Project is separated into 2 follow-up phases:

First phase: Interregional learning process, i.e. a transfer and an analysis of the good practices examples (duration 3 years), main outputs are following:

  • 8 stakeholders groups meetings per partner, total 80
  • 3 interregional seminars + study visits (Brno/The Czech Republic, Groningen/Netherlands, Zagreb/Croatia)
  • 3 interregional workshops+ study visits (Jelgava/Latvia, Exeter (United Kingdom, Bari/Italy)
  • 24 best practices examples discussed and analysed, their potential for transfer and implementation to the regions
  • 1 launching seminar (Sevilla/Spain)
  • 1 capacity building workshop for policy implementation (Miercuria/Romania)
  • 1 action plan per partner, total 10
  • 10 lesson learnt reports on international exchange  

Second phase: Action plan Implementation process (duration 2 years), main outputs:

  • 10 regional evaluation reports on the Action Plans
  • 2 project meetings to evaluate action plans
  • 1 high-level policy event in Brussel (Belgium)
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