The 2nd seminar of E-COOL project in Groningen

The 2nd seminar of E-COOL project in Groningen

There was the 2nd interregional seminar of E-COOL project on 27th and 28th November 2019, which was held in Groningen (The Netherland). The main aim of this seminar was to present 10 GGPPs from different countries dealing with metodologies of education increasing entrepreneurship youngsters.


You can find all 10 GGPPs below:


  • Chamber of Commerce od Sevilla (ES) - Innicia Programme - Regional Ministry of Education and Sports
  • South Moravian Region (CZ) - KaPoDaV - Support for career counseling, entrepreneurship for the sustainable development and lifelong education in the SMR
  • Zemgale Planning Region (LV) - Junior Achievment Latvia - The Student company programme
  • Harghita Country Council (RO) - ENTREPRENEUR+ project (Entrepreneur+ Development of Entrepreneurial Skills and Competences in the Vocational Education)
  • Devon Country Council (UK) - YOUNG ENTREPRISE - the Company Programme
  • Puglia Region (IT) - Proactive training
  • Hanze Univerzity Groningen (NL) - Expect the Unexpected, Join the Serendepity Table as host
  • Regional Dev. Fund , Region of Attica (EL) - Young Entrepreneurship programme
  • Ministry of Economy and Crafts (HR) - Digital Academy for Juniors
  • Opole Aglomeration (PL) - Opole´s vocational education for the labour market.


The Czech project team was represented by Erika Dittrichová and Miroslav Legner. There were also some of our stakeholders, like Martin Šrom (Lipka, p.o.), Jáchym Důjka (JCMM, z. s. p. o.) and Tomáš Synek (OHK Hodonín).


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