Project information

E-COOL is an acronym of the interregional project „Enterpreneurial and Intrapreneurial Mindset in Young People through the Dynamisation of Competences, Teaching Methodologies and Enterpreneurial Ecosystem“, which is realized within Interreg Europe programme. The South Moravian Region (SMR) is on of the partners of this project.

The overall objective of E-COOL is to improve the effectiveness of regional policies in promoting entrepreneurial spirit of young people, contributing to the future economic development and increasing EU competitiveness.

Start of the project: 01/06/2018

End of the project: 30/05/2023

Total budget: 2 044 484 EUR, SMR budget: 160 015 EUR

Funding resources: EU (ERDF) 85 %, SMR 15 %

E-COOL project has 10 partners from different European regions:

  • The Agglomeration Opole Trust (Poland)
  • Chamber of Commerce of Seville (Spain) – lead partner
  • The South Moravian Region (The Czech Republic)
  • Zemgale Planning Region (Latvia)
  • Harghita County Council (Romania)
  • Devon County Council (United Kingdom)
  • Puglia Region (Italy)
  • Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen (Netherlands)
  • Regional Development Fund on behalf of Region of Attica (Greece)
  • Ministry of Economy, Entrepreneurship and Crafts (Croatia)

Video with a Czech overview of the E-COOL project: JMK ECOOL N2 151021 - YouTube



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