The 1st workshop of E-COOL project in Jelgava

The 1st workshop of E-COOL project in Jelgava

Within the Interreg Europe program, the E-COOL project organized the 1st workshop which was held in Jelgava, the 4th bigest city of Latvia. This workshop was from 11th to 12th June 2019 and from Czech Republic was represented by Erika Dittrichová (the main project manager), Jana Panáčková (project manager) and Maxim Dužek as our stakeholder from KHKJM.

The first part of our encounter was steering committee meeting where the main aims of the project was discussed and rated by each partner.

The second part was focused on the best 3 examples of good practices presented on the 1st interregional seminar held in Brno. We, as Czech Republic, were chosen to present the good practice called "Playpark Brno". Project "Playpark Brno" was presented by Maxim Dužek as our stakeholder from KHKJM. The next two presented good practices were from Great Britain and Spain (the lead partner of this project). The last part of our encounter was a study visit into the entrepreneurial inkubator in Jelgava.


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